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Special Tours
with the real craftsmen in Gifu

 We feature sophisticated activity tours in the Nagara River area of Gifu, for visitors who want to experience the life of a craftworker or what it is like to live in the town. Tours offered include Japanese umbrella making, Japanese paper (washi) making, visits to local saké breweries, lettertype printing and more. We bring you unforgettable order-made adventures with Gifu, Mino, Gujo and Seki city set as the stage, including individual tours, individual adventure tours on a recommendation basis, optional tours and so on.

Meet the town nurtured
by the beautiful Nagara River.

 A town that comes to life with the water of the river that flows past it. This high-quality water allows for the making of Japanese paper, umbrellas and paper lanterns.The water is also used to hone the blades of katanas, brew saké and fish for sweetfish,and there are still people who carefully pass on these skills to this day.

Retaining a link to something from the past makes it possible to change, and the fact that some things never change makes them feel fresh. We offer adventures to those who want to dive into such a story headfirst.

Welcome to the origin of living. We provide experience tours of cities that have been nurtured by the Nagara River.


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