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The beauty in rain! Let’s have your own gorgeous Wagasa

The thread stitching with the geometric patterns for Gifu Wagasa, Paper umbrella

Reservation Request

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The beauty in rain! Let’s have your own gorgeous Wagasa

The thread stitching with the geometric patterns for Gifu Wagasa, Paper umbrella

 On this experience tour, participants can try the thread stitching techniques used to make the delicate flowers made of string bloom, which are found on the inside of Japanese umbrellas (Wagasa). Pass the threads through the holes found in the bamboo ribs of the umbrella for decoration and for reinforcement. You can choose the color of umbrella that you like, and take it home right after you’re finished.

 Around nine out of 10 of the Japanese umbrellas made in Japan are produced in Gifu. From the Meiji era to the second decade of the Showa era, more than one million wagasa were made, owing to the fact that the Nagara River region is a bountiful source of Japanese paper and of bamboo forests. Although the number of wagasa craftworkers has dwindled and the materials are harder to come by, new craftworkers have come onto the scene to carry on the tradition.

■ Duration

4H 30M(Include 20mins.break)

■ Steps

1.Thread stiching with a teacher(3H30M)

2.Add the finishing touches(30mins)

3.Final touch~finished(30mins)

■ Price

65,000JPY / per person
(Include an umbrella & 1 drink )

■ Location

Gifu’s artisan house CASA
(29 Minatomachi, Gifu-city, Gifu pre.)
3 mins walk from the bus stop “Nagarabashi”

■ Pre-order

7days prior to your scheduled arrival date

■ Capacity

4 travelers ( Minimum :2* )
* Also available 1 person alone at the additional charge +3000 JPY

■ What to bring



1. Participants can create their very own wagasa that they can take as a souvenir of their many memories here, using an umbrella shaft that shows off the vivid sensibilities of young female craftworkers. You’ll look forward to rainy days.
2. It’s exciting to be snugly enveloped in the beautiful colors and shapes of these umbrellas, and to see the design slowly taking form.
3. This activity is perfect as a release from stress and to vitalize your brain, as it’s a simple task yet one that requires your focus to carry out.


Mikiko Kawai from Kasabiyori

Borned and grown up in a family of Wagasa maker in Gifu. Now she is independent and challenge creative design.

Miki Takahashi from Takahashi Wagasa

She built a career in a Wagasa maker in Gifu and started her own business. Her detailed and beautiful work have a good reputation.

■ Choose your color

Please choose a color before you make a reservation and let us know in the reservation form.
Note: There is a possibility that a few of those colors will be out of stock.

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1. This is a tour where you can talk with actual craftworkers. These craftworkers are taking time out of their own busy work during the day to help, so we ask that you strictly respect their time and schedule.
2. Experience tour times may vary per person. Please inform us of the time you need to finish by, if you need to be on time to take public transportation or have other plans on your agenda.
3. The tools and fittings used by the craftworkers are valuable personal property. Do not touch any of these items inside of the atelier without permission.

■ Cancellation

・ Experience tours may be cancelled in the event of bad weather such as typhoons or heavy rain, in consideration of your safety.
・ The tour may be cancelled in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the part of the facilities accepting visitors or the craftworkers.
・ Cancellations will be decided by 5p.m. prior to the tour day. Be sure to provide an e-mail address where we can get a hold of you on the day before the tour.

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