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An ancient approach to traveling the Nagara River in a wooden boat

Suhara Shrine formal visit

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An ancient approach to traveling the Nagara River in a wooden boat

Suhara Shrine formal visit

 Rare across Japan, the river-facing Suhara Shrine also includes a tower gate. This is a special reproduction of the ancient pilgrimage style boat which many people used to cross the river. While we now have modern, well-maintained roads and the wooden boat culture of old has passed, it is a valuable experience to walk the country roads to the dock and view the sacred rock and the Suhara Shrine from aboard.

 Suhara Shrine’s chief priest awaits your formal visit, where you make your way up the stairs from the river, passing under the tower gate. You can’t miss the cypress bark roofed tower gate and the splendid main shrine building overlooking the Nagara River. There is a Sacred Rock and uniquely shaped stones scattered around which appear as if floating on the river.

■ Duration

90 mins

■ Steps

1.River boat experience: approx 45 mins
1.River boat experience: approx 45 mins

2.Main shrine formal visit: approx 45 mins
2.Main shrine formal visit: approx 45 mins

■ Price

River boat charter fee: 65,000 yen/group

Official Shrine visit: 18,000 yen/group

■ Location

Suhara Shrine (468-1-1 Suhara, Mino-city)
-Parking available
-By public transportation: Take the Nagara River Railway to Suhara Station and walk for 6 mins

■ Pre-order

7days prior to your scheduled arrival date

■ Capacity

8 people (minimum participants: 2 people)

■ What to bring



1.Rare and intriguing experience traveling to a shine via a Japanese traditional wooden boat.
2.The view from the tower gate facing the river is superb.
3. Formal worship accompanied by the chief priest, rich in international experience (English okay)


Ryosuke Ishihara

Carries on the Ishihara family’s long tradition of night netting Japanese sweetfish. Ryosuke is one of few young fishermen remaining after learning the art as a teenager. He is a skilled boatman freely maneuvering the vessel to where sweetfish lurk.’.

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1. This is a tour where you can talk with actual craftworkers. These craftworkers are taking time out of their own busy work during the day to help, so we ask that you strictly respect their time and schedule.
2. Experience tour times may vary per person. Please inform us of the time you need to finish by, if you need to be on time to take public transportation or have other plans on your agenda.
3. The tools and fittings used by the craftworkers are valuable personal property. Do not touch any of these items inside of the atelier without permission.

■ Cancellation

・Experience tours may be cancelled in the event of bad weather such as typhoons or heavy rain, in consideration of your safety..
・The tour may be cancelled in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the part of the facilities accepting visitors or the craftworkers..
・Cancellations will be decided by 5p.m. prior to the tour day. Be sure to provide an e-mail address where we can get a hold of you on the day before the tour.

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