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Experience life by the water

Gujo Hachiman Walking Tour:
experience water and dance in this castle town

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Area ▶︎ GUJO

Experience life by the water

Gujo Hachiman Walking Tour: experience water and dance in this castle town

 Gujo Hachiman is a small, atmospheric castle town surrounded by mountains and rivers.

 There are beautiful waterways flowing through the town intertwining with the wisdom of locals; enjoy this fascinating and mystical guided tour.

 Furthermore the traditional craft ‘Gujo Honzome' (a form of dyeing fabric) has been preserved, providing visitors with an impressive display in shop windows of vivid deep indigo pigmented fabric squeezed from soy beans.

 This is known as the town of the ‘Gujo Odori' dance as it transforms into a dance hall of sorts during the summer Obon season, filled with the excitement of people dancing all night.

 At the Gujo-Hachiman Hakurankan Museum visitors can experience the art of dancing throughout the year. As another option, it is possible to experience making Japanese clogs made for dancing. 

 Enjoy the experience of feeling close to those living by the water (and with the culture) of the Gujo Hachiman area.

■ Duration

4 hours

■ Steps

1.Strolling along the waterways(90 minutes)
1.Strolling along the waterways(90 minutes)

2.Gujo Honzome studio(30 mins)
2.Gujo Honzome studio(30 mins)

3.Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum(45 mins)
3.Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum(45 mins)

■ Price

40,000 yen/group
* Includes admission fees
* Food excluded

■ Location

Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza (69 Tonomachi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shi)

・24 parking lots
・By public transportation: Bus stop at "Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza” , Gifu Bus Highway Hachiman Route

■ Pre-order

7days prior to your scheduled arrival date

■ Capacity

8 people (minimum participants: 2 people)

■ What to bring



1. Walking tour by an American professional guide living in Gujo Hachiman
2. Enjoy visiting the Japanese waterways and experiencing the wisdom of locals from the area
3. Enjoy traditional culture such as festivals and crafts unique to Gujo Hachiman


Joshua Bewig

Born in San Francisco, Joshua now resides in Gujo Hachiman. While participating in various local projects across Hachiman town, he also provides guided tours all over Japan for unique tour operator, ‘Walk Japan’.

Explore GUJO


1. This is a tour where you can talk with actual craftworkers. These craftworkers are taking time out of their own busy work during the day to help, so we ask that you strictly respect their time and schedule.
2. . Experience tour times may vary per person. Please inform us of the time you need to finish by, if you need to be on time to take public transportation or have other plans on your agenda.
3. The tools and fittings used by the craftworkers are valuable personal property. Do not touch any of these items inside of the atelier without permission.

■ Cancellation

・ Experience tours may be cancelled in the event of bad weather such as typhoons or heavy rain, in consideration of your safety.
・ The tour may be cancelled in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the part of the facilities accepting visitors or the craftworkers.
・ Cancellations will be decided by 5p.m. prior to the tour day. Be sure to provide an e-mail address where we can get a hold of you on the day before the tour.

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